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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  February 8, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EST

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a brawl innide a city school... lands onn tudent's spaaked the huge fighttand how p health scare at a local d.-3 university.the deadly virus.. and... see yourself as aas 3 and how manyydifferent ethhicities you can see yourself as. 3 ffiday,,february 8th 3baltimore ounty- hereford zone... harford... and howard county schools are opening 2 hours laae.
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3 firss on ox.... ssveral meebers of a baltiioree family faceecharges thiss morning after ttey entered city schooo illegally... and assaulted a female student. psudent..egan gglilland ii here with more on the fight... that laated nearlyytwo hours. good mooning guys,around 2:30 weddesday afternoon... a brawl broke out inside edmondson high school. schooll(4:06) when the fight went down that's when eeerybody was like its a fight iis a fight... that's hen everrbody started jumping in. in.that studdnt tells us 15 to including parrnts... students
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and teachers.sources say... it started with a dispute betwwen a male and female sttdent. and poo the day of the fight the male students' mmtherr.. entereddthe school unannouuced to ssttle the scooe ith the female. (3:14) the family came up here abbut that their child gettingg. banked.the mother has now been arrested.but school officials say... the fight issstill under investigation... and that more arrests areepending. as for where security was... when the fight broke oot... we'll have more on that... comiig up in 30 min.i'm megan today... for hattie harrison... theelongest- seevinggmember of maryland's viewing was held at saint anne'ss arish ... just onee block from thestate houuee harrrson... who served east baltimore for 40-years... died last month at the age off84. (mcfadden) "bbfore tthe used to use those terms role model pr role models for working
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&pmothers, acttvely involved in sshools, dunbar highhschool would not be wwat it is were ii not ffr her." her."today's iewing will be held at "united house of prayer for all people" in baltimore... starting at 11a-m .delegate harrison's funeral will be hell tomorrow in baltimore. a big health loyyla university. university.on thursday... the school sent out a campus &palert... after a student was piagnosed witt bacterial meningiiis.the ssudent was takee to the e-r... after university healtt center. school officials ssy there's posed a healthhriss tt anyooe - is saii to be innstabbe 3ondition. ray lewis performed his squirrel dance on the field for the last timm.. but his likeeess will stadium.that's becauss a stadi. owner steve bisciotti says it will happen in the next year or two.we aaght up with the
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man who cceateedthe johnny unitas statue.he's created his lewis tribute. "it wwuld be aa honor to do this ittwould be a privleee, anytting would exceed hat i tell ya ray would be the that"ilent to thht" kail'ssray lewisssculpture took him 4 weeks to cceate. 9 thousaad applied, but pnly 500 will be hired. one of tth hottest jobs around right now is...... black jack &pddaler at marylanddlive caain. casino. joel d. smith is streaming now innclass today to see why it's so much morr than counting to "21". gooddmorning joelld. d.the potential payofff a jjb paying aanestimated $44,000 to $55,000 in salary
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and tiis. 3 3 3 mark your callndars!the b--mre healthy expooreturnssto baltimorre.. saturday, february 3rd. can get heelth álivee entertainment... a fit and fun kids zone... and much muchhmore.thh b-more healthy expo startssat 10 a-- aa the
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baatimore conventton center on february 23rd.we'll see you theee! coming up... win á200 dollarsá in our e to "freebruury" contest.just go to facebook dot om slash foxx baltimore... o ntee your naae.we'll draw another from now. &pand in our hometown hotsppt.. of black history month.wwere the winners' work... will go on're watchiig fox all morning. ws.. all local.. ((bump out))
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tart your bllck history montt off righh. the creative alliancc celebrates black history onth....all the creative alliance jjins us this morning with more.- tell
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us about the mooth long liss oo pvents for back history onth. - tell us about the art competition coming up.- p3work??-e ssme of the art work?
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thh creativee lliancc black saturray feb. 9th and runs through feb 23rd. to learn moreeaad get a list of events log on to fox baltimore dott com slash morning. 3 3 3
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from the supee bowl... tt mardi gras.what the famous clydesdales from the budweeser commerical... are planning to do in new orleans today. it's going to be crazy ater i bett i'm glad that its calm now" now."buu next... we're dodging a storm of historic much snow new over the next 4 hours..ou're &pwatching fox 45 mmrning nees. all local.. all morning.. p(break 2))>> federal reseeve is speaking
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out... afterrhackersshit its website.the fed released a statementtthursday... saying the security breacc was operations were affecteedthe government agenny would not say what information waa account claiming to bee aafiliated wwtt the haccer
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group says it'ssbehind the attack... and that it liffed the personal informaaion off thousands of top bankers to post online. :19 "this will not be a sixxor seven hour storm. his looks hoors of snoww"ut storm. 24 snow." a potentially histooic winttr storm... is getting ready to slam the portheast.fooeccsters are predicting some areas could get hit with two and half feet or more.aad already... the nor'easter is being compaaed 1978... which left thousands of people stranded n highways. travelers were rushing to get out offlogaa airport... before the stormmmoved inn :38 "we're flying out tomorrow yesterday orninn to hange - everythhng's going to be crazz later i bet, i'm glad now." the massachusetts deppatment oo transpprtation will have more than 6-hunnred ice and snow removal rucks extraappows are standing by. &pthe stars of the budweiser's
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super bowl ad... are now getting ready for mmadi gras. the budweiser ccydesdales are in nnw orleans... for mardi will be on display orr residents tt see... beforre ptking part in weekend paradds. want tt see yourself in a light? cheek out thissnew kiosk thht let's you see whattyou would look a differeen race.'reewatchhng fox 44 and 3 morning news.. all local.. all porning. ((break 3)) this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home.
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she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! house releases ddcuments that
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give legal justification for considered terrorist. it's beinn referred to ... says tte nittd states can senior operational leader of a al-qqeda involved n pots against the couutty aad if his ccpture is not ffasible. aa you an image ... the and it raisss lots of down the line. our d-c inssder and politial commentator, armstrong skype for this week's washington wrap.-what'' your first reaccion to hearinn this -kill orders go into effect evee if here is
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no intelligence iidicating they'ree engaged in an active plot ... too broad a deeiiition
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pilliig anwar l-aalaki, an amerrcan born cleric who joined al attack ... both were u-s cittzens who had never been innicted or chaged with any crime by the u-s-what should the average american be happen on u-s ssil-doocments - released to congressional intelligence committees ... whht will they do with the information &
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coming up... a kiosk... that alllws ou to see yourself as a diiferent race. where ou can go to test it out.....and howw youuself as. you're watching e - fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. (((reak 4)) the ravens secret weaponhow a
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it's oor freeebru-re tonight. ary giveaway! 3
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giveaway!every day in february we're giving away 100- dollars an hour. hoor.óóóóóó you have 300 minutes to call us at the &pnumber on your screen. &pscreen.iffyou doo'ttcaal in.. your prize rolls overrinto the next hoor or someooe lse to w! boxx. go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore nd fill out the caa allo go there to read complete conteet baltimore county- hereford zone... harfordd counny and howard couny
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schools are openingg2 hours lat. cannssgn up to have delays and closings sent to foxbaatimroe dot com click on mobiie. 33 3
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3 p3 a fight inside offa baltimore city highhschool
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puts a student's mother behind the incent by one of our viewer. viewers.meean gilllland is pere is ith a story yyu're
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good morning ggys,thhs wasn'tt jjst a fightt.. it was brawl inssde edmonson high school... involvvngg15-20 peoplee.. people...incluuing parrnts... students... and hapepend around 2:30 wednesday afttrnoonnand lasted nearly two hhurs.sources say... it started iih a dispute between a male and female studeet. and on the day of the figgt the father.... and sister.... ennered the school nannounced to settle he ssore with the female.a eacher attempted to get the emaae student to attaaked... she started as - say... seeuuityywas no where 3&(5:39)they wasn't alerted i theescene...(3:33))he lady bang the girl in the face for real they just started baking real...the mother has been arrested.but school officials say thii fighh is still under invvstigation... and that more arreets are pending.i'm megan gilliland, fox455 ornnng news. forrrobeet glaaden junior...
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high sshool shhoting.a judge will decide whether he should be tried in juvenile or adult of right now... pladden s charged in adult murder of daniel bbworr... a ffllow student..ladden ii &paccused of shooting bowory 3& could render a verdicc as early aa today. 3p t-v personality montel wwlliams is teeamnggup with army scientists at fort stimulation device.the device i &pproblems.williams... ho has mmscular sclerosis... has similar side affects to someeuu s service members with army hopes the device will have ssccess... so they can seek approval bb the food and drug administration. aa ew exhibit is piew themselvee in a new way. 3 at the university of akron....students an se a photo kiosk to view digiial images of themselves as different race. it'ss part of a 2-week event called "rethinking race."
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"it did open my ttinkinn a just your skin. it's who you are as a person that mmtters. you can change your face. you hummn is human."r race..but - human." there are 80 diiferent ethnicities tt choose frommtte university hopes theeexperience will prrmote conversatioo aad open people's minds about race. ii's the only way to play hundreds of hands of blackjaak dimm. just become a dealer. the covetee job haa that's where joel . smith is streaming now mmrninn to see how much ttey ccn make, and morning joel d.aring to spot ddthe potentiaa payoff: a job paying an estimated $$5,000 to $55,000 in salary
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and tips. 3 3 3 coming uu...
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3 3 3 3 coming upp..
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i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. share the love with cupid's choice or new brownie batter donuts. america runs on dunkin'. :05 "two storm systemssmaking their way across he counnty will meege bringing to usswwat could be the iggest storm of phe seasonn" massive and dangerous storm... &pis threatening the northhastern uus. meteorologiits predict snowfall in some areas could reach two and half feet orr more.the nor'easter is already being compared to the "greet blizzard" of 1978... which
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highways.booton's mayoo saas a snow emergency goes into will be cllsed... and non essential government personnel urged to stty home. so far... thhusands of flights have alrrady been canceled... and amtrak is cutting servicc as well.if youuknow someone who ii headed out oday... makeesurr thee check b-w-i'ss website.thhre are already cancelations for trips heaaed to boston, providence and albany... and more &ppancelations are expecttd.sta with fox45 for thh latest. mmllions of americans are out intervieww are more important than ever. often times... we have onn shot to make a ggod impressionnto try to land the job..but some people make mistakessduring the interview. ssndra endo joins us with what we may be doing wrong. sandra? p-sandra on camera-- accooding to job experts from, any people just bore theer prospective eeployers during he intervieww process --vo-- here are wayy
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not to: - first impressions matter. so right away, you waatt o make a strong introduction, with a confident firm handshake. -treat thee nottan interrogation, there n &pshould bb a nice exchange of genuine conversaaion, not just questiios anddanswers. -speak withhenergy, don't use a monotone voice. use body languageeto show you're excittd about the job as ell. -don't give long winded pnswerr. it shows 3 nervoosness and your prospectivv employer doesn't want to be bored with irreleeant nformatioo. -ffccs youu responses on what the company needd, make sure you revert back to the job description you're pplying for. -do your research, know something about the company.
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p-sandra on camera-- -and you unique and sets you apart, yyu will eemore memorable. 1) any advice for after the inttrview is ooee? coming up... a maaylann singer is makinn his mark... on "aaerican idol.. áhistoryá on the show.
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3& and one of these lucky coupless.. is aaouu to win a assweereveal the inner in oor "wedding in a week" connest... later this morning.yyu're watching foo 5 morning news.. all local.. aal morning. ((break 7)) american idol'ssdol'ss hollywood weee is uuderwwy and
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one local conteetant is competing foo a chance at update on his progress.we are talking about gurpreet sing maryland.he made it thoruuh his audition in nnw york.. and then addanced tt hhllywooo weekkon wednesday hh made it last night he had to make it -. nats: georgia on my mind mind
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gurpreet also gurpreet also knownnas the turbanator put his own twist on "georgia on my mind".the pudges approvvd aad so he advanced through last night.we pre down to 28 guys... eight more will be cut next eek.the turbantor stopped by our studio recently and he told me it this far on the national de platform because he is maaing sot turbanntor: im he first onn of the first indians..minority.. reactioo superb.. humbling xerience exerience turbanatorr.. the judges went
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with that name... and he immediately sttrted treeding on twitter after his first audition.hh's still very pppular on social media... that could help when it comee to voting ammrican idol conttnues next wednesday and thursday at 8pp here on ffx45. commng up in ouu 7 o'clock you o win 100-dollars... in - dot com slash ox baltimore. name... sommtime in the next 40 minuuee.'re watching fox 45 mooninggnews.. aal llcal.. school... llnds ooe student's
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mother behind bars.wwat &psparked the huge fight and ho family members got involveed a blasttof wintee... hhading it'll be bad eeough tt affect pour weekend planss 3and... two women.. cauuht on thh claims they mmde against the officers who arrested them... that this video makes hard to believe. 3 3
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friday,,feeruarry8. baltimore county- hereford &phoward couny schools arr opening 2 hoursslate. late. you can sign up to have delays and cllsings senn to your foxbaltimroe dot com click on pobill. &p 3 3 3 3 3- first on fox... embers of a
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baltimore famiiy face charges this morning after they entered a city school illegally... nd assaulted a female student. here with mooe oo the fight... that lasted nearly two hours. good morninn guyy,aroundd2:30 wednesday afternoon... a brawl broke out inside edmondson sccool.(4:06) when the fight went down that's when everybody was likeeits a fiiht pts ight... that's when eveeybody starrtd jumping in. people were involved... to 20 - parents... stuuents and teacherssthe fight lasted nearly two hours.sources say... it staated with a dispute between a male and day of the figgt the male e
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students' mother... ather.... anddsister.... entered the school unannounccd to ssttle the score with the feeaae. cause ttey heard something ere - about that their child getting . panked.the motherrhaa now been arrested.but chool officiaas say... the fight is still &pthat more arrests are penddng. 3&as for where security was... we'll hhve more on that... t... pillilandd ffxx5 morning news. today is the viewing ... for hattie hhrrison... the loogest- serving member of maryland's generaa assembly. assembly..n hursday... a viewing wws held attsaint block from theetate house. harrisoo... who served east baltimooe for 40-years... died last month at the aae of 4. today's vieeing will be held all people" in baltimore... held tomorrow in baltimore. just into our newsroom, ttis
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morning...our sources are wwrkiig to confirm... áifá the ex l-a pooice offiier beeieved ot bb behind a strinn of phootings... is captured.a phristopher dorner wrooe a lengthyymanifesto... targeting the it, he claimm mmstreatment frrm l-a-p-d ddeam addition to ssaring is manifesst online, dorner also sent cnn's anderson cooper a package contaiiing a d-v-d, a post-ii coin....hich has speciaa &pmeaning... wrapped in duct tape. intoo he military, eading d - the office and present them with one f theseecoinn aa a token of respect and gooo luck." bear lakeecould affecc their search. they have urged people a potentially hissoric winter sttrm... is gettinggready to slam theenortheast.
7:07 am
northeast.:19 "this will not be a six or ssven hour storm. this ooks to be a drawn out snow." foreccsters are predicting sooe areas could get hit with two and half feet &porrmore.and already... the to the "great blizzard" oo 1978... which left thousands of people sttrnded on highways. on thursday... boston put of logan airport... before the storm mmved in. :38 "weere flying out tooorrow a noon and i just scrambled yesterday morring to change everything up.ii's going to be crazy later i bbt, i'm glad that its calm now." noo." tte massachusetts will have more thaa 6-hhnnred extra plows areestanding by. d 9 thousand applied, but ooly 500 will be hired. one right now is...... black jack deallr at marylanddliveecaaino. streaming now in class today to see why ii's soomuch more
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than counting to "21". good orning jjel d. d.the potential payoff: a job paying ann stimated $45,000 to $55,000 in salary and tips. 3 3
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maybeethis driver should re-read the manuel. manuel.the important grouppof
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cars ooe person in italy u--urn.and 100-dollars ould be yours!we'reedrawing another name in our ffeebruary less than 30 minutes.head to our faccbooo page to enttr to win. win. yoo'rr watchhng fox 45 morning news.. 3ll morning.
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p3 3 3
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3 our weeding in a week finalists...areearriving. just a few pinalists will find out if tuned to see who wins! &pwins! and celebrating black history ponnh.the documennary featuree at the creativv alliannes...commem oraaiiggthose who made an impact.. on áammricaná hissorr. next ii your hometown hotspott you're watchinggfox 455 &pmorning news.. allllocca.. al ((breek 22)
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new this morring...firrt lady michelle obama issheading teenager killed fuueral of a chicago, tomorrow... to atttnd the uneral of a teenager kklled thhee..5-year-old hadiya pennleton was shot to death in a city park last week. pollce sayyit isn't likely she &p was the intendeddtarret.the honor ssudent aad bbnd wwssington, d-cclast montt. -3 boeiig is planning to staat test flights soon of iss787 ddeamlinee.the compaay says this will allow it to look aa tth ii-fliiht erformancc of phh airplane's batteries.the f-a-a grounned the ddeamliner fleet lass month because of -in battery of them caughh fiie.boeing saas it is working around the lock anes can get back in hh air. phii could go downnin history as the worst u-turn ever!take p italy... the drrver
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&pof a whiit fiat... ttieddtt d the turn.. in tiny road. planned..hey become wedgee... stopping church procession. heeted words were exchanged... but finally he driver was 3 celebrate bback history month...all month long.thh creativeeaaliance is hosting a month of black history evvnts. helen yuen from the creative alliance joins us this morning with more.- teel us about thh month long llst of events for black history month.- tell s about the documeettry...what is purchase a ticket to see it? 3
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33the creative alliance black history month events ssarr saturray feb. 9th and runs thrrugg eb 23rd. to learn more and ggtta lst of events log on to foo baltimore dot we'reehanding out cold hard caa! cash!! visaagift card could haae your nnme onnit.we're in just minutes.lucky winner.. minuues.but'ss plan to appeal the sscond degree murder conviction ii the phylica barnes case.tte
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grounds they have to appeal.. aad the odds the coovicciin will be oveerurned. you're waaching foo 455morning nees.. all loccl.. all morning. ((break 3)) p the case of a
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missing ttenager .. hyliiia barnes .. dree nattonal drewwnational ...phylicia barnes .. mmssing teenager the ccse of a missinggttenager .. ppylicia attentin. her pfter she disappeared hile visiting hee sister in baltimore. this week .. thh sister's ongtime degree murder. hhs attorneys say the case was aal circumstantial .. ann they plan to appeal. aatorney steve allln with hodes katz laww, joins us his morning.-where you sruprised the prossection
7:27 am
-key evidence was video of johnson carryinggcontainer the day she disappeared ... pellphone video she exual -3 disappeared ... container the day carrying vvdeo of johnson -key evidence was video of johnson ccrryinn contaiier the day she ccllphone video of sexual inneraction ....testiiony from jail of person who says, jjhnson told him he did it -whattgrounds do they haveeto appeal -should nd will phylicia's sistere, deanna
7:28 am
in this case .. obstruction, &paccessory, corrrpting minorr.. 3
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about 2 minuues stands between you and 110-dollars! dollarsswe're rawing another 3 facebook page to enterr enter. ((break 4)) the ravens secret weaponhow a honored in baltimore tonight. 3
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call us at the nnmberron yoor s. your prize roolssover into the next hourrfor someone else to w! win!to get youu name in the box.. go o facebook dot com slash foobaltimore and fill pou can also go there to read paltimore county- hereford zone... harford schools aae opeeing 2 ours lat. ccn signn p to have delays and closinns sent
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foxballimroe dot com click on mobble. -3 &p
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map 175 map 40 map a fight inside of a baltimore city high school puts a we were tipped off about the incident by one of our viewers. viewers.mmgan gilliland is here is with a story you're seeing first on foxx inside edmonnon high schhol... people...incluuing parents... hapepend round 2:30 wednesday
7:36 am
two hours.sources sayy.. itt started with a ispute betteee a male and female student..and on the day of the fight the male students' mother... father.... and sister.... entered the school unannounced female.a teacher attempted to get the female stuuent to safety... but whee she was attacked... she started fighting too.some tudents say... security was no where to be seen. (5:39)they wasn't aaerted i guess they never ssowed up to the scenn...(3:33)the lady bang the girl in the face for real they just started baking each other for reel... real...the mother has been arrested.but school officials ssy this fight is still under pnvestiiation... pending.i'm megan gilliland, ffx45 mmrning news. a hearing is scheduled today for robert glldden junior... high school hooting.a judge will decide whhther he should be tried in jjuenile or adult of right now... gladden is charged in addlt court... with the aatempted
7:37 am
murder of daniel bowory... a fellow ssudent..ladden is accussd of shooting bowory inside the cafeteria... on the first day of school.the judge could render a verdict as early as today. two sisters claim harrassment against their rresttng next video... it's easy o see why a judge tossed out the claa. an see the women dancing whhle innhandcuffs.thh abusive.they say police wwuldn't let them uss the bathroom and they haddto urinate on themselves... but you caa clearly see in surveillance video... a female officer leeting them into thee & why tte dancing? they were calling me fat andd stuff so im not ggona let them degrade me. me.its important ww can clear them 250 dollars achhand ned - orrered them to serve 20 hours of community ssrrice. p ii's tte only way to play
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at the ccsino and never lose a dime. just beeome a dealer. the coveted job had thousands apply, and now the best are being trained at ssation mall. that's where joel d. smitthis strraming now morninggtt see how much they can make, and hhw thee're learninn to spot cheaters.. good morning joel d. d.the otenttal payoff: a job paying an stimated $45,000 to 3 3 3-& 3- will you see flurries, snow,
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or freezing rain today? myers tells you what you'll forecast.. you're st..- watching fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all ((break 5)) & so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire.
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will nnver be the same! ray lewis thank you forrall you have ann will continue to do for baltimore on anddoff the and anquan boldinnto stay talk to the guys for us!" us!"lisa " going throogh football withdraw ." ."melinda "now that the ravens won the out whaa tt wear on fridays....great job ravens!!!" raymond orris...wherr are you? you?you 100-dollar gift card is up for grabs!you have about 5 mintutes leftt wedding in a week contest!find putt f they're ready to ssy i
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fox45!we're giving away a lucky finalist couples.we're going to check in with each of our couples one llst time.... smith and isaac wheeler join us this morning. - how are you feellng?- how has this week gone?- ow has this feeling?- hoo hhs this week gone?- what ill you do
7:55 am
ii you win? - stay tuned... we'll if you win?- whaa will you do if you win?- stay tuned... we''l check in withhthe rest of our couples... before rest of ourr tunedd.. we'll if you win?- whattwill you do week gone?- hoo has this week gone?- what will youudo if you win? - tay tuned... we'll check in with thh rest of our
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3 &pfirstton fox... members of a baltimore family face charges this morning after they entered a city school iilegally... and assaulted a femaae student. studeet.tom rodgers is here with more on he fight... plus today'' ooher top stories. &pstoriess around 2:30 wednnssaa afternoon... a brawl broke out inside edmonddon high schhol. school.(4:06) when the figgt went doww that's when everybooy was like its a ffght everybody ssarted jumping in. invooved... parents... re -- students and teaahees... and lasted nearly two hours. sources say... it started with a dispute between a male and pemale studennt and on the day of the fight the male students' mothee... father.... and sister.... entered thh
8:04 am
school unannounced to settle &pthe scoreewith the female. (3:14) thh family came p here cause they heard something abouttthat their child getting . pankkd..he mother has now been say... the fight is still - under investigation... and -p3 morning... áifá thh ex l-a behind a string of ssootings... has been captured. captured.a massive search has been underway.police say christopher dorner wrote a lengthy manifesto... targeting the it, he claims &pmistreatment from l-a-p-d offfcers who he says took his dreaa job addition to sharing his manifesto online, dooner also sent cnn's anderson cooper a packagee pontaining a d-v-d, a post-it note and a bullet riddded coin...which has speccal meaning... wrappee ii duct tape. "when some one was activated into the miliiary, heading overseas, i'd bring them uu to the office and preeent them &pwith one of these coins as a
8:05 am
token of respect and gooo luck." search. they have urged people - in the area to stay indoors. scrambling to buy supplies... - ahead offaammssive bliizard. blizzard. meteorollgists &psay the storm... has thh potential toobe áhistoric.á it could dump at least 2 and boston. airport ity officials are warning commuters tt expect the worst. &pfreni sayy: "there'lllbe a siinificant amount of cancellations. and we suggest people that have been booked to fly friday eveniig and that they call their airline to check with their aarline beeore they come to the airport" airport." some new england cities called off school for today... and airlines have we're expecting a much smaller blast of winter weather here &pin maryland later today. jonathan will have today. jonathan will have your full
8:06 am
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month...all month long.the creative alliance is hosting a month of black history events. helen yuen from the creatiie with more.- tell us aboot the g month long list of events or events for black history month. - tell us about thh documentary...wwa 3 t issit about?documentary...wha
8:12 am
t is t about?dooumentary...wha t is it about?- do we have to purchase a ticket to see it? &p3 to see it??urccaae a ticket to see iitpurchass a ticcet - do we have to t is it about? documentary...wha- tell us about theehistory for black month long liit of - telllus about the tory month.- documennary...whattis it about? - do w haae to purchase a ttcket to see it?
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((bump in)) we're giving away a dream wedding to one of four lucky finallst couples.for the irst wedding ii aaweek contest to - couples looking to renew theer
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vows.we're goinn to check in past time... beforr the ig reveal.warren and vellner morning.- you've bben marriee 30 years.... - you've been married 30 years.... want to - how has this .- hhw are you - 33week gone? - whattwill you do week gone?- how has this week
8:22 am
- stay tuned... we'll check in with thh rest of our
8:23 am
couples... before announcing the winner during gooddday baltimore. coming up... up... it's freezing... . screamiig. comediann odfrey is in the house... and he may be ready to takk his best shot at the ray lewis dance. and... you might want to think twice before mixing alcohol with diettsoda. &p more oo a ssunning study. ((breekk3)) 3
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((bump in)) he has been performing all over tth country, you have seen him on countless tv showss ann now you can see him at &pthe baltimore comedy factory phis weekend. weekknd.comedian godfrey is ready to make you laugh for our funny friday segment. good
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&p a fight inside of a baltimooe stuuent's mother behind ars. we were tipped off aboou the incident y one of our viewers. viewers.tom rodgers is here is other top stories. school... involving 15-20 peopl. edmonson hiih brawl insiie edmonson high school... peopll...afternoon and ... weddesday around 2:30 it afternoon and lasted nearly tww hourr.sources say... it p mmll and female student. and on the day of the fight the male students' mothhr... father.... and sister.... entered the school unannounced &ppo settle the score with the female.a teacher attempted to gettthe female student to attacked... she started fighting too.some studdnts say... security was no where to be seen. (5:39)they wass't aleeted i guess they never showed up to the ssenn...(3:33)the ady
8:36 am
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p love ii in the aar here at foo45!we'rr giving away a ddeam wwddinggto onn of four lucky finalist couples.we''e going to check in with ach off our couplls one last time... before the big rrveal.joshha and jackie schneider are pewlyweds looking to renew phier vows and they join uss phis morning.- how are you feeeing? if you win?s thhs week gone?- & - ssayytuned... we'll pheck in with the rest of our
8:40 am
couples... before announcinn coming up... seasoo two o -
8:41 am
off tonight. show "touch" kicks tonight. one of the staas gives up a behind the 3 you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 5)) 3
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((aa lib meteorologist))((ad lib meeeorologist))
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3 cooing upp.. a special deal just in ime for valentines you mighh not be able to rrfure. aad new at 9... what kim kardashian is asking ris humphries to giveeher... befooe she has her baby with 45 mooning news.. all local.. all morning. xx
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coming up on good day paatiiore... one of these couples will receive a free edding... nn from them one more time... winner.announcing the big -3
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